Autiphellos Ancient City Theater

Autiphellos Ancient City Theater

The Ancient City of Autiphellos, which is one of the ancient cities that you should see in the Kas travel guide, was called Habesos or Habesa in the Lycian language. The Ancient City, one of the remarkable port cities of Lycia, offers its visitors many beauties together. The ancient city of Autiphellos, which is among the member cities of the Lycian League, has existed since the 6th century BC. The Ancient City, which developed very rapidly, continued this development during the Roman Empire period. The historical buildings remaining from the city continue around the district and along the peninsula. The Theater of the Ancient City of Autiphellos, located within the borders of the Ancient City, is among the well-preserved structures.

The theater, which has twenty-six rows of seats, has turned its direction to the sea. Behind the theater, which is valued as a unique historical beauty, is the Acropolis hill. It is thought that the theater is one of the Hellenistic Age structures. The rows of seats separated from the upper part by four vertical stairs also bear witness to a magnificent history. Therefore, we can say that every part of the theater is very important and valuable. We recommend that you do not end your Kas tour without seeing the theater, which has a capacity of 3000 people and attracts attention with every detail.

To the northeast of the theater is a unique structure. The burial chamber, which has twenty-four female reliefs carved into the bedrock, is another must-see. Based on the decorations of the burial chamber, it is thought that the building was built in the 4th century BC.

If you want to see the city, which stands out with its magnificent and breathtaking view, it is possible to choose from different transportation options. It is possible to use the air route to reach the city, as well as the land route. You can go to Antalya Airport by air, and from there you can take the buses to Kaş. If you are going to reach with your own vehicle, you should continue along Kemer Kumluca location and use the Fenike-Demre road. In this way, you will be able to reach the ancient city in a very comfortable way.

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