Kekova, which is a rocky island built on an area of ​​4.5 km, is located off Üçağız and Kaleköy in Demre district. You can see the sunken city at the bottom of the sea, which contains the sunken city, and on the surface of the water in places. Actually, Kekova; Üçağız is a region that includes Kaleköy and Kekova Island. For this reason, you should go to three different places while visiting Kekova. Let’s say right now, a magnificent view and a very special trip are waiting for you.

MS. The city of Dolkisthe, which was destroyed by earthquakes in the 2nd century, is the name of the city called the Sunken City. Although it is possible to see shipwrecks from the city, most of the city was destroyed by earthquakes. There is information that the city was re-established in the Byzantine Period. However, since the development of the city did not continue due to the Arab invasions, we can say that very few structures from the city have survived to the present day. You have to use tour boats to reach Kekova Island. You should first start your journey with Üçağız and park your vehicle here. Kekova Island is right across the village. First, you should take a breather here and watch the magnificent view of the island. We are sure you will not regret it.

You will see Kekova Island first with tour boats. This place is also known as the “Sunken City”. Under the sea and on the water surface, you can see the city ruins that have survived from the 2nd century AD. In addition, the sea here resembles a hidden corner of paradise. For this reason, you can swim in a pleasant way in the sea, which contains a thousand and one shades of blue.

If you want a comfortable transportation to Kekova, it is possible to reach the region with your private vehicles. Kekova, which is 175 km from Antalya, 33 km from Demre and 35 km from Kas, is 180 km from Dalaman. For this reason, your starting route is very important in terms of the course and duration of your journey. You can go to Kas and join Kekova boat tours and visit the region. This region, which sheds light on the history of the region, offers you a unique holiday option.

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