Xanthos Antik Kenti

Xanthos Antik Kenti

Xanthos Ancient City, located on the Fethiye-Kaş highway, is located in Kınık Village. The ancient city, which has survived from the past to the present and where traces of many different civilizations can be found, is among the ancient cities that you should see on your trip to Kaş. The ancient city, which was also the capital of Lycia in ancient times, contains many different historical structures. Xanthos Ancient City, which was founded on two hills by the Xanthos River (Eşen Stream), 46 km from Fethiye, was the administrative center of Lycia. The ancient city, one of the important cities of Lycia, was besieged by the Persian Commander Harpagos in 545-546 BC. In 334 BC, the city was besieged by Alexander the Great and passed under the auspices of Alexander the Great. Later, it came under the rule of different civilizations such as Egypt, Syria and the Roman Empire.

Both acropolises in the city, namely the inner castle, are surrounded by fortification walls. The Roman Theater is located to the north of the Lycian acropolis.

The theater, which is located within the borders of the ancient city and contains very interesting historical structures, is another area that has become the focus of attention. There are Harpy reliefs on a rectangular monolithic base. We can say that the Harpy Monument has survived since the 5th century BC. After seeing this mausoleum, you should also examine the Lycian sarcophagus next to it. The square-shaped area next to the theater is the Roman Agora. To the northeast of the agora, there is a monumental tomb dating from the 5th century BC. This monumental tomb, which has a rectangular body, also has an inscription written in Lycian and Greek language. The inscription on the adventures of a prince named Kherei is the longest inscription in the Lycian language. This very special ancient city is among the ancient cities included in the UNESCO World Cultural Heritage List.

If you are going during the summer period, you can visit the ancient city between 08.00-19.00 every day of the week. In winter, you can see this magnificent ancient city between 08.00-17.00 every day of the week and feel the historical texture of the region. At the entrance to the archaeological site, you have to make a payment within the predetermined fee. If you have a Museum Card, you can also use a Museum Card. If you are going to use your private car at the transportation point to the ancient city, you should first go to Kınık district. The road will be divided into two on the main street where the Atatürk Statue is located. After you turn right and come to the foot of the hill, you must turn left. When you go towards the hill, you will reach the ancient city. The region is located at a distance of 45 km from Kaş. In addition, it is 20 km from Kalkan and 63 km from Fethiye.

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